All About Whootie Owl & Stories to Grow by




Stories to Grow by is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best treasury of stories and reader's theater scripts that are kid-tested and will provide children with meaningful experiences that will last a lifetime.



Who is Whootie Owl?

A friend to kids and grown-ups! Whootie Owl presents top-notch fairy tales (cool for kids) that promote positive ethics (cool for grown-ups). The stories are 100% nondenominational (cool for anyone!). The owl has symbolized wisdom in folktales & fairy tales throughout the ages. Whootie Owl will be your friendly guide through this web site.

Who is Elaine L. Lindy?

Elaine L. Lindy is the CEO of Whootie Owl Productions, LLC. In 1998, Lindy created this web site, "Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By"


What is Different About 'Stories to Grow by with Whootie Owl'?

  • WORLD'S FIRST Kid-tested, Kid-approved collection of folk & fairy tales based on themes of human ethics. Is this a screen for some kind of religious agenda? Absolutely not!
  • 100% non-denominational and fun!
  • Kids can talk about the stories. At the end of each story, Whootie Owl asks kids what they think the story was trying to show them. Kids answer online and they can click to see what other kids had to say, too. No other storytelling website has this interactive feature!


What are the stories like?

Whootie Owl hunts for stories that are warm, funny, exciting, upbeat, and not in the least bit boring or preachy! The stories show kids that holding positive values is a good thing to do, and also that people all over the world share many of the same concerns.

What is Kid Testing?

Kid-Testing is what sets apart Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By from other story collections. The stories you'll find on this website are comprised entirely of stories that passed Kid-Testing with flying colors!
Stories are read aloud to a group of kids. As a given reading progresses, revisions are immediately written into the story, and in this way each story is perfected to best please the audience.
At the end of the reading, the kids are asked to rate the stories they heard. Only the stories that are chosen as clear favorites by the kids are deemed to have passed Kid-Testing and can join the collection, Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By. The other stories are dropped. What happens if most, but not all, of the kids in a group say they love a story? The kids who don't love it are asked why. If the problem is correctible, the story is revised and tested later with a fresh group of kids. If the problem isn't correctible, the story is dropped.
By live Kid-Testing, Whootie Owl ensures that only stories that are the best crowd-pleasers make up Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By.
Kid-Testing is performed by Whootie Owl (assisted by Whootie's human agent Elaine Lindy) in a variety of settings -- classes are held at libraries, schools, bookstores (Barnes & Nobles) & at other gathering places.

Can I go ahead and download these stories or is there a problem with copyright?

Yes and No. The answer depends on whether you are (1) acting as an individual or a teacher, (2) represent a non-profit organization, or (3) represent a for-profit organization.

(1) You're acting as an individual or a teacher.
You are free to print and use the stories on Whootie Owl's web site for your personal and/or classroom use. Please don't make any copies of the stories (unless you're a teacher and want to distribute them to your class, which is OK) and by all means DO NOT SELL THEM. In other words, you have explicit permission to use the stories for private and educational use, but not for commercial use. Also, please do not remove or change the copyright information that appears on each story.

(2) You represent a non-profit organization.
Contact us and describe your intended use. Typically a reasonable permission fee will apply.

(3) You represent a for-profit, commercial organization.
Contact us and describe your intended use. Typically a reasonable permission fee will apply (see below).

What if I'm interested in using Whootie's stories in a commercial venture?

Send us an e-mail and describe what you have in mind. As our policy is described above, Whootie Owl's online stories are available at no charge for personal or for educational use. However, we do charge a reasonable one-time permission fee, per story, for commercial use. This is what we'd need from you:

  • Contact Elaine L. Lindy to describe the project you have in mind:

  • Send the permission fee to Whootie Owl Productions, LLC / PO Box 600344 / Newton, MA 02460-0004
  • If you have a tangible product such as a book or CD, display the name of Whootie Owl's web site, Whootie Owl's URL (), and Whootie Owl's likeness in it. We provide a variety of ready-made banners and flyers that may be helpful. We also provide graphic images.
  • If you produce a tangible product such as a book or CD, send us a complimentary copy when it is finished. (thank you!)
  • If you issue press releases describing your product or service, please be sure to mention the source of your story or stories as Whootie Owl's web site.