The Gift of the Magi A Christmas Story

New Bedtime Story! A Gift of the Magi ~ A Christmas Story No Reviews Posted.

The Gift of the Magi A Christmas StoryThe Gift of the Magi Story ~ A Christmas Story for Kids

This is the story of The Gift of the Magi, A Christmas Story. It was written by O'Henry and has been adapted here by Stories to Grow by. It presents the Theme of Selflessness which makes it a perfect holiday story. 

Della and Jim were married just a year.  They had very little money and their place was poor.  But what they lacked in fancy things, they made up for with love.

The very next day was Christmas.  All the money Della had to buy a gift for her dear husband was $1.87.  “What on earth can I buy with that?” she asked. 

Turning around, she saw her reflection in the mirror.  Stepping up to the mirror, she stared at her reflection.  “At least Jim loves my long beautiful hair,” she said, taking a spin.  “He calls me his queen!”  Then she stopped cold.  “Some queen I am!” she said, “with just $1.87 to spend on a gift for my husband.”

All the money Della had to buy a gift for her dear husband was $1.87.



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Teaching Kindness with “The Talking Fish” No Reviews Posted.

Teaching Kindness in the Classroom with “The Talking Fish”

"A kindness is never lost, even if you throw it into the water."

This is the theme of the "The Talking Fish".  A folktale from Armenia, The Talking Fish tells the story of a poor, desperate fisherman's assistant who throws a magical talking fish back into the sea and is fired. On his way home, downtrodden and depressed, he comes upon a "monster" whom offers him a cow to sustain his life for the next three years, but when the monster returns, he must repay him by answering three questions lest he, his wife and the cow become the monsters' property. Seeing no other way, the fisherman agrees. Three years later the monster returns, but how is the poor fisherman to answer his absurd questions? "A kindness is always repaid". Click here to find out the magical ending to this story...

This short story provides an opportunity to cover ELA skills on "Making Predictions and Drawing Conclusions" while also focusing on Character Education and Kindness. In the beginning of the story, students can draw conclusions about the type of character the fisherman was for throwing the fish back despite his poor disposition and possible loss of his job. They can then predict what will happen after the man foolishly agrees to the terms of the monster. Finally, students can predict/draw conclusions on if and how "The Talking Fish" might repay the fisherman's kindness. Lastly, students can work on Determining Theme through explicit text: What does the final statement mean: “A kindness is never lost, even if you throw it into the water.”? 

My sons are in 2nd grade and Kindergarten and their school theme this year is KINDNESS. They talk about the books "How Full is Your Bucket" and "Have you Filled a Bucket Today". The Principal even went into each class to read these stories to the students. Classes are focused on teaching students to be a "Bucket Filler" not a "Bucket Dipper". Kids write post-its and put them into a Kindness bucket when a fellow class member does something to "fill their bucket". I mention this because our story "The Talking Fish" and many of our other stories teach these important themes effortlessly. They can easily be shared in class as mini-lessons, not only to teach ELA standards, but to work on Character Education. We all want our students and children to be successful with their grades, but most importantly, I think, we want them to be KIND. Happy Storytelling! 

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Baba Yaga Witch Scary Stories

Not TOO Scary Stories for Halloween ~ Stories for Kids No Reviews Posted.

Not TOO Scary Stories for Halloween ~ Stories for Kids

These NOT TOO scary stories for kids are based on folktales. These "scary" stories are perfect for the classroom at Halloween time since they are not really scary but focus on folklore surrounding Halloween, including "witches, goblins and ogres". These scary stories can be used in the classroom to teach literary elements or can be read at home around the campfire for some not so spooky storytelling. Happy Halloween!

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Teaching the Theme of Honesty while Comparing/Contrasting Similar Texts with Cinderella No Reviews Posted.

Teaching the Theme of Honesty while Comparing/Contrasting Similar Texts


“The Native American Cinderella” and "Cinderella"

Stories to Grow by

Looking for a great text on teaching the Theme of Honesty? Would you also like to teach Elementary students (Perfect for 2nd-4th) how to Compare/Contrast Similar Texts? At the same time, would you like to build student engagement, fluency and comprehension? Then we have the lesson plan for you! Utilize the below lesson plan with our Reader’s Theater Script, “A Native American Cinderella” and our Classic Tale "Cinderella". It would also work nicely with the Story version as well. A positive message while teaching an important literary skill: this is what you will find in all the Stories to Grow by Stories and Reader’s Theater Scripts. This week’s Honesty story is The Native American Cinderella from Canada:

The Native American Cinderella:

A unique version of a classic tale: A tale out of Canada from the Abenaki tribe: a Native American warrior with very special gifts searches for a maiden who is honest and worthy to be his bride. After a series of beautiful but deceitful maidens, he finds a maiden who is truly honest, but is she worthy? Find out here! Read the Script or the Story.

The content of this lesson plan & tale prompts skill-building for the Common Core Standards CCSS.ELA-LITERACY. RL.2.2, 2.6,3.2, 3.3, 3.6, 4.2, 4.3, 4.9


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