The Little Mermaid Audio Story Podcast for Kids

The Little Mermaid Audio Story for Kids. The Classic fairy tale of The Little Mermaid- The Little Mermaid falls in love with a prince on shore and she makes a deal with the Sea Witch to become human. But without her voice, how can the prince fall in love with her?

The Little Mermaid Story

NEW Bedtime Story for Kids: The Little Mermaid ~ Fairy Tale Stories

The Little Mermaid StoryThe Little Mermaid Story ~ English Story for Kids 

This is the fairy tale The Little Mermaid Story. It has been adapted from Hans Christian Anderson's version and Disney's version. It is brought to you by Stories to Grow by. 


Far out in the sea where the water is very deep, the Sea King ruled the undersea world.

In the deepest spot of the sea was his castle. The walls were made of blue coral.  On the roof were shells that opened and closed when the water passed by. And that is where the Sea King lived with his mother and four daughters, each one born a year apart.  

The youngest of the four princesses was the Little Mermaid. She spent much of her time swimming to ships that had fallen to the bottom of the sea.  The ships held treasures from the world above! She would fill her arms and set up her collection here and there. All the while she would sing. As she did, fish circled around to hear her.  For the Little Mermaid’s voice was the most beautiful one under the sea.

The girls knew that when they turned 15, they could swim up to the surface for the first time. It would be a long time that the Little Mermaid had to wait, as she was the youngest! So she made her grandmother tell her all about life up on land. Tales about ships and towns, and every bit of stories about humans that she knew.  


For the Little Mermaid’s voice was the most beautiful one under the sea.




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New Bedtime Story: King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword in the Stone

King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword in the Stone

King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword in the Stone ~ Legends Stories for Kids 

This is the Tale of King Arthur and the Legend of the Sword in the Stone. It is one of the many tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It is adapted and brought to you by Stories to Grow by.

Long ago in England, a wise and just king ruled the land.  His name was King Uther. Times were good and the people lived well.  King Uther wanted a magician at court. And so he chose the famous Merlin the Magician.  Merlin could see into the future. And he knew those good days were not going to last.

King Uther and the Queen Guinevere had a child, a baby son.  At a castle party for the royal birth, Merlin the Magician took the King aside.  He said, “Sire, there is something you must know. Soon a great darkness will fall over this land.  Your child is in great danger. Let me take the baby far away. I will be sure he stays safe.”

“Merlin!” said the King in surprise. “You are a great magician.  And you are my friend. But there is no way we would let anyone take our child away!”


Sire, there is something you must know.”


Sadly, soon after the child’s birth the Queen died.  Not long after, King Uther was killed in battle. That very night, Merlin swept into the castle and took the child.  The next morning, the royal nurse went into the nursery. Alas, an empty crib! In fear, the nurse, the nobles and servants looked everywhere.  But the baby was gone!

For years, there was no king to sit on the throne.  No king to set the laws. Men of high rank fought each other to be king.  Darkness fell over the land. Robbers and bands of wild men ruled the streets of London.  Evil men broke into houses and took what they wanted. Travelers on the roads were jumped and robbed.  The people of England lived in fear.

Yet far away, there was a quiet place.  A good knight, Sir Ector, lived in peace with his two sons.  His first son was named Kay. His younger son Arthur had been adopted as a baby.  Years before, a stranger had come to Sir Ector with a baby. He asked if Sir Ector would raise the child.  The old knight took the baby in his arms, glad for a second child. He named the baby Arthur, and raised the child as his own.


New Bedtime Story: Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. A Legend Story.

NEW!!! A Bedtime Story in Simple English for Kids. Robin Hood takes part in an archery contest thrown by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Will he realize its a trap before it is too late? One of the many Tales of Robin Hood.

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Legend Story

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Story ~ Legend Stories for Kids 

This is the Tale of Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow, a Legend Story for Kids. It is one of the many adventures of Robin HoodIt is adapted and brought to you by Stories to Grow by. 

In all the land, none was better with a bow and arrow than Robin Hood.  He lived with his band of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest, the woods where the King’s deer were kept.

A few years before, King Richard had ruled the land.  King Richard let the poor come to Sherwood Forest and hunt deer to get food for their families. But the time came for him to leave with his army.  And as soon as he was gone, his younger brother John took over the throne. Bad King John did not want anyone coming into Sherwood Forest to hunt the royal deer.  From then on, anyone who was seen hunting the King’s deer in Sherwood Forest would be hanged!

Dressed in green from cap to boots, Robin Hood was not easy to find in the woods.  The bushes and trees of Sherwood Forest hid him as he hunted the King’s deer. Robin Hood and his Merry Men would hide with ease when rich nobles and dukes passed through the woods.  All at once, they would jump out and rob the rich men. Then Robin Hood gave all the money to the poor.

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Mulan Story

Mulan Audio Story Podcast for Kids

Mulan Audio Story for Kids.  Based on the Chinese “Ballad of Mulan”, a legend tale about a young girl who goes in disguise as a boy and joins the army in her brother’s place. A Girls of Courage Tale.