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Stories to Grow by‘s Reader’s Theater Play Scripts for Kids FREE!

The only set of Free Reader’s Theater Scripts, Plays for Kids and the Classroom in the World from Kid-Tested Fairy Tales and Folktales with Positive Moral Messages! 

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Reader’s Theater is a wonderful form for building fluency, comprehension, and confidence in the classroom! It is an oral reading of a “Script” without the need for costumes, props or even a stage! It encourages student interaction and engagement and with our Reader’s Theater Scripts they learn a Moral Lesson as well! If you Love our Stories & Scripts then contribute to our Mission and Join our Community for access to all our stories & scripts plus our Short Story Units! 

Stories to Grow by presents Whootie Owl’s award-winning collection of Reader’s Theater Play Scripts for Kids. These Play Scripts (also known as Readers Theater or Reader’s Theatre) are scripts that have been adapted from Stories to Grow by award-winning collection of Short Stories for Kids: Folk Tales, Fairy Tales and Legends from all over the world!

Our Play Scripts are multi-cultural, kid-tested and all contain positive moral messages. They are meant to Motivate & Inspire Children while leaving a lasting impression! Reader’s Theater is a wonderful way to engage learners with varying learning styles while teaching fluency, comprehension skills and having fun at the same time! It has been proven to be a successful reading strategy. Our scripts are funny and inspiring too. So share a Storytelling experience today that will last a lifetime! 

What does Kid-tested mean? Kid-tested and approved means they were edited until they were loved by our kid-testers. When kids love what they are reading, they internalize the stories. Since all of our Stories and Reader’s Theater Play Scripts have positive messages, that’s exactly the point! We guarantee that kids will love our Stories & Scripts and so will you! Read more about Whootie Owl’s collection here!