AUTHORS: Elaine Lindy & Charis Duke
COUNTRY: Ecuador
GENRE: AdventureAnimal TalesFairytalesMagical Creatures
A maiden journeys to the Magic Lake, a quest her brothers had failed. (Incan)
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The play script, "In Search of the Magic Lake," was adapted by Charis Duke from a story of the same name found at and further described at the end of the story.  ©2006 Elaine L. Lindy.  All rights reserved.


The Incan empire swept to prominence in a little over a hundred years and controlled 2500 miles of land along the Andes Mountains from Ecuador to Chile. Their wealthy and complex civilization ruled between 5 million and 11 million people. As rapid and widespread as was their rise, the empire collapsed nearly as quickly when Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro swept through their capital city in 1532, kidnapping and killing their leader, sparking a civil war, and introducing smallpox, a killer that decimated much of the population. Though the Incas had no written language and hadn't developed the concept of the wheel, they are known for their remarkable accomplishments in architecture, suspension bridges, an extensive and largely peaceful administration over a vast empire, and a sometimes mysterious coded system of record keeping using complex patterns of knots.

The story describes three siblings of mixed gender - two male and one female. This composition of siblings is rare indeed and worthy of note. In folk literature worldwide and throughout the ages, a story featuring three siblings almost invariably describes three brothers or three sisters.