A Story From: Iceland
Read Time:
For Ages: 5 to 7yrs., 8 to 10yrs.

Audun risks the wrath of one king by favoring another.
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Morkinskinna, the first full-length chronicle of the kings of medieval Norway (1037-1157). The text was written in Iceland at the end of the 13th century and includes the tale "Audun Buys Himself a White Bear."

Retold by Elaine L. Lindy, ©2005.  All rights reserved.



Other versions:

- "Authun and the Bear" from Scandinavian Legends and Folk-tales by Gwyn Jones, published by Oxford University Press, Great Britain, 1956), pp. 143-152.

- Audun and His Bear, a picture book by Barbara Schiller (Holt, Rinehart and Winston: New York, 1968).