A Story From: India
Read Time: ["3 to 5mins"]
For Ages: 5 to 7yrs.

Akbar Birbal Stories ~ Birbal and the Mango TreeBirbal and the Mango Tree ~ Akbar Birbal English Stories for Kids


Ram and Sham were in a fight.  Both of them said they owned the same mango tree. 

They went up to Birbal and asked him to decide the matter, once and for all.  Who was the true owner of the mango tree? 

Birbal said, "There is only one way to settle the matter. First, you must take all of the fruit off the tree.  Each of you should take half the mangos.  Then you must cut down the tree and divide the trunk in half.  Each of you should take half the wood, too.  Then everything will be fair.  That is what I say.”

Who really owned the mango tree?

Ram thought it was all a good idea, and he said so. 

But Sham said, “Your Honor! I have tended that tree for seven years. If you must, give the mango tree to Ram.  But do not make us cut it down!"

"What you have said told me all I need to know," said Birbal.  Then he said that Sham was the true owner of the mango tree.



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