A Story From: Russia
Read Time: ["10 to 15mins"]
For Ages: 5 to 7yrs., 8 to 10yrs.

Three maiden try to rescue a nobleman's son who had vanished.
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"The Boy Who Vanished" is based on the story "The Lost Child" from Folk Lore from Foreign Lands by Catherine T. Bryce (Newson & Company Publishers: New York, 1913) pp. 25-39.
Adapted by Elaine Lindy. ©1998-1999. All rights reserved.


This story is also found in a collection of stories from Bohemia ("The Child that Vanished" from Fairy Tales from Bohemia, Pollett Publishing Company, Chicago, 1966). Bohemia is a former kingdom of central Europe, and occupied the westernmost two-thirds of what is now the Czech Republic. In both the Russian and the Bohemian versions, the ghost-like nobleman's son inquires about the food, the table, and the bed.