A Story From: Cambodia
Read Time: ["10 to 15mins"]
For Ages: 5 to 7yrs., 8 to 10yrs.

How to take their donkey to market? Everyone weighs in.
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"A Donkey to Market" is based on the story, "The Seller of a Donkey" from A Collection of Cambodian Folk Tales (Litachan in Productions Ltd.: Modesto, CA, year unknown), pp. 65-72.
Adapted by Elaine Lindy. ©1998. All rights reserved.


This story line is found throughout the world. In a well-known version from Aesop, the donkey ends up being carried over a bridge by the father and son, and when passersby laugh at the sight ("We should have it so good!") the donkey squirms and falls into the river. This Cambodian folktale better illustrates the process of becoming self-aware, as the father and son consciously decide that they will travel as they choose. A similar decision at the end of the story is found in "The Baby Water Buffalo" from Tales from a Taiwan Kitchen (Dodd, Mead & Company: New York, 1976). This is a Taiwanese folktale featuring a baby water buffalo rather than a donkey which is brought to market.

To see the "A Donkey to Market" Play script adapted from this story, click here https://www.storiestogrowby.org/play_script/a-donkey-to-market/