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A Story From: Spain
Read Time: ["20+mins"]
For Ages: 12 to 14yrs.

Rebellion in Spain by an entire village against their overlord. A true story.
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This retelling of Lope de Vega's play Fuente Ovejuna by Elaine L. Lindy, ©2007 is based upon a translation by Ruth Fainlight and Alan Sillitoe published by Dufour Editions, Inc. in 1969.


This story is based upon an actual historical incident that took place in the village of Fuente Ovejuna in Castile in 1476. While under the command of the Order of Calatrava, a commander, Fernán Gómez de Guzmán, mistreated the villagers who later banded together and killed him. When a magistrate was sent by King Ferdinand II of Aragon arrived to investigate, even under the pain of torture, the villagers only responded by saying: "Fuente Ovejuna did it."

The play Fuente Ovejuna was written by Spanish playwright Lope de Vega. First published in Madrid in 1619 as part of Docena Parte de las Comedias de Lope de Vega (Volume 12 of the Collected plays of Lope de Vega), the play is believed to have been written between 1612 and 1614.
Lope de Vega was extremely prolific. He claimed to have written 1500 plays of which 450 survived (Shakespeare is credited with 38 plays).

- Wikipedia