A Story From: Canada
Read Time: ["6 to 10mins"]
For Ages: 5 to 7yrs., 8 to 10yrs.

A scar-faced youngest of three daughters seeks a warrior's heart.
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The story, "The Native American Cinderella" is based on "The Indian Cinderalla" from Canadian Wonder Tales by Cyrus MacMillan (John Lane, London, 1918), pp.116-119. Adapted by Elaine Lindy. ©1999. All rights reserved.


The story about Strong Wind and the youngest daughter is from a group of Native American tribes called the Abenaki. The tribes of the Abenaki lived on the east coast of Canada. The name Abenaki means “people of the dawn.” That is because they were the first to see the sunrise.The Abenaki were an early ally of France. When the French started to fight the British, the Abenakis, who allied with the French, helped them fight the British. However, the British won the war with the French. When the war was over, in 1724 and 1725, the British destroyed the Abenakis. Today, descendants of the Abenaki live in northern New England and in the province of Quebec, in Canada.