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A Story From: Scotland
Read Time: ["16 to 20mins"]
For Ages: 8 to 10yrs.

A Scottish folk tale of a mother's fierce love for her baby ("bairn").
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Retold by Elaine L. Lindy. ©2007. All rights reserved.


Sidh (pronounced "Shee").  A Gaelic word referring to earthen mounds that were thought to be home to a supernatural race and the fairies who lived there. The kingdom, Sidhean, is pronounced "She-an."

King Nechtan was an historical king of the Picts who lived from 597 to 620. He was somewhat enlightened and credited for taking his people out of the Dark Ages. The Picts were a confederation of tribes in what later was to become central and northern Scotland from Roman times until the 10th century.

King Wrad was a warlord who became king of the Picts during a troubled time of raids and battles with the Vikings. He died in 842.