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A Story From: Bolivia
Read Time: ["3 to 5mins"]
For Ages: 12 to 14yrs.

A great fire wipes out all peoples on earth except two.
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Retold by Elaine L. Lindy, ©2006.  All rights reserved.


The Yuracaré occupy 250,000 hectares (over 600,000 acres) in the Chapare River watershed in the Department of Cochabamba in Bolivia. Of the approximately 35 indigenous groups in the country, the Yuracaré are especially known for growing greater-than-expected numbers of fruit-bearing trees. The fruit of these trees attracts the game that forms an essential part of their diet and worldview, and in 1998, in recognition of these successful forestry practices, the Yuracaré was the first indigenous group to be granted forest management rights by the Bolivian government.