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A Story From: Italy
Read Time: ["20+mins"]
For Ages: 8 to 10yrs., 12 to 14yrs.

A traveler shares his secret with an old couple and their adopted son.
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The story "The Traveler's Secret" is revised from a story titled, "The Pilgrim's Secret" from Fairy Tales of Many Lands, translated and edited by Logan Marshall, published by The John C. Winston Company, Chicago, 1928.

Adapted by Elaine Lindy. ©2001. All rights reserved.


According to the Library of Congress Copyright Office, the book Fairytales of Many Lands was renewed in 1955 by John C. Winston Company. However, we were not able to locate a publisher by that name today. There are three publishers with similar names (Winston Derek Publications, Winston Publication, and Harry Winston Company) but none of these three companies has any record or file on the book title referenced above. Therefore we are assuming the John C. Winston Company is no longer in business, and as such that its copyright has likewise ended. If this is not the case, and a reader can correct our records, then kindly contact us at info@storiestogrowby.org Thank you!