A Story From: Turkey
Read Time: ["6 to 10mins"]
For Ages: 5 to 7yrs., 8 to 10yrs.

A king goes in disguise to see how his people really live. (from Turkey)
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Based on the story of the same name from Folk Lore from Foreign Lands by Catherine T. Bryce (Newson & Company Publishers: New York, 1913), pp. 142-151.

Adapted by Elaine Lindy. ©1998. All rights reserved.


Haroun al-Raschid ruled a territory from 786 to 809, based in Baghdad, that covered the Arabian peninsula, stretched north through half of modern-day Turkey, east to Egypt, and west through Iraq and Iran. His was a period of great cultural, scientific, religious and economic prosperity. His life and fabulous court has been the subject of many tales, including The Book of One Thousand and One Nights.

For another story in this story collection about the Caliph Haroun al-Raschid, see Ali Cogia and the Merchant of Baghdad.

Bassora: Also known as Basra, a port about 75 miles from the Persian Gulf. Founded in 638 by Caliph Omar I. Known in the Arabian Nights as Bassorah. Taken by Turkey in 1668.