Teaching the Theme of Honesty while Comparing/Contrasting Similar Texts with Cinderella

Teaching the Theme of Honesty while Comparing/Contrasting Similar Texts


“The Native American Cinderella” and "Cinderella"

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Looking for a great text on teaching the Theme of Honesty? Would you also like to teach Elementary students (Perfect for 2nd-4th) how to Compare/Contrast Similar Texts? At the same time, would you like to build student engagement, fluency and comprehension? Then we have the lesson plan for you! Utilize the below lesson plan with our Reader’s Theater Script, “A Native American Cinderella” and our Classic Tale "Cinderella". It would also work nicely with the Story version as well. A positive message while teaching an important literary skill: this is what you will find in all the Stories to Grow by Stories and Reader’s Theater Scripts. This week’s Honesty story is The Native American Cinderella from Canada:

The Native American Cinderella:

A unique version of a classic tale: A tale out of Canada from the Abenaki tribe: a Native American warrior with very special gifts searches for a maiden who is honest and worthy to be his bride. After a series of beautiful but deceitful maidens, he finds a maiden who is truly honest, but is she worthy? Find out here! Read the Script or the Story.

The content of this lesson plan & tale prompts skill-building for the Common Core Standards CCSS.ELA-LITERACY. RL.2.2, 2.6,3.2, 3.3, 3.6, 4.2, 4.3, 4.9


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