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A Story From: Libya
Read Time: ["16 to 20mins"]
For Ages: 8 to 10yrs.

A sultan's son searches for true love, and finds disaster instead.
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The story, "The Sons of Sultan Bey" was adapted from "The Story of the Prince Ali, the Son of the Sultan Mohammed Bey, and of the Bride of the Sea" from Told in the Marketplace (Ernest Benn Limited, London, 1954), pp. 151-160.

Adapted by Elaine Lindy. ©2000. All rights reserved.


Hill of Arafat. Ss Hejaz. Ancient kingdom that is now part of Saudi Arabia. Located in the northwestern part of the Arabian Peninsula, Hejaz covered 150,000 square miles and extended along the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba southward and 15 miles from the sea eastward. The kingdom of Hejaz included the ancient and holy cities of Mecca and Medi.